Apé Sales & Servicing


What licence do I need to drive an Apé ?
Piaggio Ape 50 can be driven on a provisional driving licence with L plates from the age of 16, TMs & Calessino’s can be driven from the age of 17 with an ‘A’ or ‘B’ class driving licence.
How much do they cost to tax?
Road tax for the Piaggio Ape 50 costs just £18 per year, for the TM & Calessino it’s £78!
How many people can an Ape carry?
The Handlebar Apé range are single seaters, the APE TM steering wheel is a 2 seater.
Will I need a street trading licence?
Probably, it will depend on your local authority. You will need to contact your local council & ask for licensing.
Is it easy to get insurance ?
Yes, see our insurance/spares page with a host of providers.
Do you hire out Apé's ?
Yes, for product launches, photo shoots, films and advertising.
Do you hire coffee carts ?
No, sorry not at this time.


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